Winter Olympics 2018: curling and biathlon on day 13 in Pyeongchang – live!

1.10pm GMT

In the other semi-final, for the first time, daylight: USA steal two in the eighth end and lead 4-2!

1.06pm GMT

Sweden qualify for the men’s curling gold medal match! At the end of the eighth end, with the Swedes holding a 9-3 lead, Switzerland accept the inevitable. They will have a chance of bronze, but still don’t know who they’ll be facing.

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Furious Florida survivors assail NRA and politicians and urge action on guns

  • Marco Rubio and NRA’s Dana Loesch grilled over gun control
  • Raw emotion and tough questions at extraordinary CNN debate

Faced with a furious crowd of Florida students demanding a renewed ban on assault weapons, Republican senator Marco Rubio offered one concession after another.

He said he supported legislation to raise the legal age to purchase a rifle to 21 from 18. He said he supported a law to create gun violence restraining orders, which would give family members and law enforcement a way to petition a court to take away a dangerous person’s guns. He said he opposed Donald Trump’s proposal to prevent school shootings by arming teachers or putting more armed security in classrooms.

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French man who kept porn on work computer loses privacy appeal

Judge said employer had acted properly because files had not been marked private

A man who kept a stash of pornography on his work computer has failed to convince judges his right to a private life was infringed when his employer opened the personal files containing the material without his knowledge.

Eric Libert was fired by the French national rail operator SNCF in 2008 after his boss discovered the pornographic files and a series of forged certificates. He asked the European court of human rights to rule on his case after he was unsuccessful in the French courts.

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