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Lies We Tell: how a Bradford double-glazing salesman got Harvey Keitel and Gabriel Byrne to star in his debut film

Mitu Misra had never been on a film set before – so how did he persuade two A-listers to star in the British-Asian drama he wrote and directed?

‘You see that dormer window up there?” says Mitu Misra as we stand in an alley behind some shops in Bradford. “When I was a lad I used to climb out of that window late at night.” After he had climbed out of the second-floor window, little Mitu would shin down a drainpipe, jump on to a toilet roof and then hit the ground running to the nearby cinema.

“At school, I was beaten up regularly and called ‘Paki’. Growing up, most of my friends were Pakistani immigrants. We were all quite poor. Cinema, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, was my way out.”

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