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Don’t knock hangovers. Some of my best days start with one | Julie Bindel

Anything that involves vomiting is obviously awful. But the mid-sized hangover, curable with a fry-up and few Diet Cokes, can be strangely satisfying

I write this with a low-level hangover. Yesterday I travelled long haul, on a half-empty flight, with a very friendly cabin crew member who handed out the drinks with impunity. As I woke up, with a throat like the bottom of a snake’s carpet slipper, I smiled to myself, recalling watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding while sinking gin.

Hangovers get a bad press. Of course the ones that involve vomiting, holding your pounding head, and being unable to function properly are no fun at all. If that’s how you’re greeting the new year, you have my heartfelt sympathy. But let’s hear it for the mid-sized hangover, easily cured by a couple of Diet Cokes and a hearty fry-up. Yes, it is certainly more pleasant to wake up totally clearheaded, having gone to bed with a cup of herbal tea. But the moderate hangover can be quite nice in a way, because once it starts to lift, you can look forward to a hair of the dog once the sun is over the yardarm.

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