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The Sopranos to Blackadder – what are the definitive series of the best TV shows?

Why is Mad Men’s second season the most important? How come Buffy’s fourth outing was its best? We asked our critics to define TV’s best seasons

  • This article contains opinions some may find offensive … and spoilers for every show mentioned

Long before it became fashionable for a TV show to change setting and storyline between seasons, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton’s historical sitcom visited the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Then, in the cunningly titled Blackadder Goes Forth, they settled in 1917 in the French trenches of the first world war. With Rowan Atkinson’s Captain Edmund Blackadder awaiting orders from Stephen Fry’s insane General Melchett to run towards German gunfire with Private Baldrick (Tony Robinson) and the stupidly patriotic Lieutenant George (Hugh Laurie), the series is the best of the Blackadder quartet. Its last episode is the single greatest achievement of TV Britcom. Watching the final 29 minutes again before writing this (probably the sixth time I’ve seen it) still delivered the astonishment of a half-hour comedy in which it is no plot-spoiler to say that every major character except one (Fry’s, secure in his chateau) is doomed to die horribly. ML

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