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‘Lost without her system operators’: a year in the life of the Maybot

John Crace charts an extraordinary 12 months for Theresa May as part of our satirical look back at 2017

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“The Enemies of the People”, aka the supreme court, rule that parliament should have a vote on triggering article 50. Theresa May is outraged. She hadn’t taken back control only to give back control to the British parliament. The Conservatives then draw up a bill to go through the Commons that Jeremy Corbyn says his party will back. Theresa May is again outraged. How dare the Labour party attempt to thwart the will of the people by voting with the government?

Towards the end of January, Theresa spells out her vision for Brexit in her Lancaster House speech. Britain will be leaving the single market and the customs union, though very much hoping that the EU will give us all the benefits of both, without either having to pay a penny or being obliged to abide by any of its regulations. The EU is understandably bemused, but praises the prime minister for the clarity with which she described her confusion.

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