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Fast & Furious Live: cars are the stars as hit movie shifts gear to the stage

It’s got a plane, a submarine and hair-frazzling explosions. As the Fast and Furious phenomenon spawns a live show, we go behind the scenes to meet the drivers and crew at the wheel

The Liverpool Echo Arena looks like it is in the grip of a military coup, one in which some international playboys and some camp policemen have unaccountably become embroiled. There are toolkit buggies and gigantic tanks, slicked-up sports cars and Beemers all dressed in white, as if they’re wearing giant nappies – but those are just LED coatings, to make them light up like fast-moving car Christmas trees.

This is the rehearsal for Fast & Furious Live, a tyre-shredding extravaganza that has cost £25m to put together. The arena is 50 metres by 25, which would look enormous for any normal purpose. But for driving cars in, the sheer level of accuracy required just to go from one bit to another, let alone chase each other and have near scrapes, is absurd. It’s like asking someone to do open-heart surgery with a baseball bat.

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