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Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – digested read

‘Say what you like about Hitler – but at least he topped himself when it all went wrong. That’s skin in the game’

You’ve missed me. You almost certainly don’t know that, but you have. And the reason you don’t know is, first, because you’re almost certainly a schmuck who doesn’t get probability theory – and, second, because you don’t have skin in the game. Me, I always have skin in the game. That’s what makes me special. That’s why I made millions as a financial trader. That’s why I’m so much cleverer than everyone else. If you take just one thing away from this book, make it this: Big Nick knows best and is doing you a favour by writing it.

Skin in the Game is the latest in my collection of works that I’ve grandiosely called Incerto. Remember Antifragile and The Black Swan? They were mine. People said they wouldn’t sell, but they became massive. That’s not boasting, that’s just the truth. I don’t need to boast because I’m brilliant enough without it. So if you want to know why everything you always thought was right is actually wrong, read on.

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