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Germaine Greer is wrong: women are yelling ‘stop’ because we want the world to hear | Emma Brockes

The women who say they just ‘got on with’ brushing off bothersome men are out of step with this moment, when real change feels possible

Many years ago, I interviewed Doris Lessing, and this is what she said: “It was a different attitude then. We just got on with it.” She was referring to a section of Walking in the Shade, the second volume of her autobiography, in which after cataloguing the tough things she’d gone through as a young woman, she upbraided young women of today, who, as she put it, “scream or swoon at the sight of a penis they have not been introduced to, feel demeaned by a suggestive remark, and send for a lawyer if a man pays them a compliment”.

Back in the day, said Greer, a leering man was considered by all sensible women to be less of a threat than a fool

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