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The truth is right here: what The X-Files must do to find its way

Gillian Anderson has said this season will be her last – and maybe that is a good thing for a show that needs to get back to ghouls and UFOs and stop getting bogged down in backstory

Well, that’s it. Once this season of The X-Files is over, Dana Scully is no more. Gillian Anderson has decided that it’s finally time to retire a character who has loomed over her career since 1993, when she was but the wee age of 24. “I’ve done this now for decades,” she said on a recent press tour, “and it’s time for me to hang up Scully’s hat.” Scully’s frustrating lack of an actual hat notwithstanding, after 25 years chasing ghouls, aliens and Giovanni Ribisi, you have to agree that both Anderson and Scully probably deserve a bit of a sit down.

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