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There’s no secret plot. The Daily Mail won’t stop us trying to reverse Brexit | Eloise Todd

Best for Britain is very publicly pushing to get the right outcome for our country – and we’re proud of it

• Eloise Todd is CEO of Best for Britain

Today the Daily Mail attacked Best for Britain, jumping on the bandwagon after the Daily Telegraph put us on its front page on Thursday. The reason? A donation by George Soros to our cause – which is simply to give people a proper say on the deal with the European Union, including the option of remaining.

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Burst your bubble: Australia’s ‘African gang crisis’ has been brewing for years | Jason Wilson

Australia doesn’t need a Breitbart – our conservative media does the job just as well

How do you end up with a neo-fascist propounding his views on immigration on national television? To answer this question, you need to understand how a racially motivated moral panic has brewed in right-leaning media over months, and even years. You then need to see how such a panic is part of a political project, which includes state and federal politicians.

The panic over Sudanese immigrant gangs has reached fever pitch in this new year of 2018. Even though it’s rooted in selective distortions, both of crime rates, and the concept of a “gang”, it’s triggered a hasty policy response.

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