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A Seinfeld revival? Here's what they need to do to get it right

Jerry Seinfield says ‘it’s possible’ a comeback could be on the cards. That would offer him the chance to right some wrongs and create the revival to top them all

Television in 2018 is a clutter of reboots and revivals, but Jerry Seinfeld has always managed to resist the allure of bringing back his beloved 1990s sitcom. That is, until now. Maybe. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, Seinfeld indicated a softening of his resolve, saying of a revival is “possible”.

Now, let’s not get excited here. A Seinfeld revival is possible, but only in the same way that the Queen of England developing a taste for human blood and going on a murderous rampage through the streets of London is possible. It is possible in the same way that it is possible for you to put your fist inside your mouth. Just because something is possible, it doesn’t make it likely, or desirable.

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