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Conectifai! Filming a digital revolution in Havana

The latest Guardian documentary finds out what happened when Cuba’s phone company installed wifi routers in 18 public parks

“Pork crackling with wifi!” Welcome to the park in Havana where public wifi makes for a new kind of meeting place.

In 2016, ETECSA – the only telephone company in Cuba – installed wifi routers in 18 public parks across the country. For many Cubans, this meant being able to go online for the first time. Our latest documentary paints a portrait of the social gathering hotspots these parks have since become. Every day crowds of people with smartphones, tablets and chairs turn up to cluster together around the wifi antennas, to a soundtrack of people shouting “conectifai!” (meaning “connection!”). It gives everyone the opportunity to contact loved ones, explore social media, upload photos and find internet dates – activities that reveal much about a rapidly changing Cuba.

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