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Crewe ignored police advice in late 1980s to ‘move on’ Barry Bennell

• Club were warned they might be employing a paedophile
• FA inquiry heard one board member ‘not surprised’

Crewe Alexandra were advised by the police to sever their ties with Barry Bennell but continued to employ him for a number of years despite being warned they should “move him on”, the Football Association’s independent inquiry into the sexual-abuse scandal has been told.

According to evidence seen by the Guardian, the club’s then chairman, Norman Rowlinson, decided to consult the police after he and other directors were warned in the late‑1980s that there had been a specific complaint about their youth-team coach.

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‘It isn’t easy admitting you were one of Barry Bennell’s boys’

Micky Fallon, one of the former players Bennell has been convicted of abusing, reveals the horrors he endured and asks how Crewe did not realise the coach was a risk when opponents called them ‘The paedophile lads’

There is a scar on my cheek that will always be there to remind me about my childhood. Over the years, I’ve got used to it being there, I suppose. But whenever anyone asked how I got that scar I would just say as little as possible and move on swiftly. It was easier that way because, if I said what really happened, that would mean explaining I used to be at Crewe Alexandra. I knew if I said those words I’d have to get my head in a space that took me back to that football club. And from the age of 18, since the day I left that club, I’d shut down that part of my life off and, until now, never wanted to revisit it.

The truth is not easy for me to explain. For 32 years, I denied everything. I read the interview with Andy Woodward that opened all this up and for a while I carried on pretending it hadn’t happened to me. Steve Walters, another of my old Crewe mates, was next and, though it hit me like a ton of bricks, I still couldn’t bring myself to admit straight away I was another one. It’s only now, after an awful lot of soul-searching, that I feel strong enough to do it. But it’s tough, really tough. It isn’t easy admitting you were one of Barry Bennell’s boys.

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