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Craig David: The Time Is Now review – selfie addict stays just about on-trend


There is something relentlessly, gloriously embarrassing about Craig David. Even during his turn-of-the-millennium heyday – before the Bo’ Selecta! spoof, the wilderness years in Miami (largely spent posting topless selfies online) and his reinvention as a club-night host – there was something decidedly uncool about his rapid melisma and perfectly manicured beard. The second album since his comeback (one that began in 2015 with the Big Narstie-abetted UK garage track When the Bassline Drops and peaked with his chart-topping 2016 album Following My Intuition) by no means disappoints on the cringe front. Opener Magic apes the acronym structure of Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E with some smirk-inducing results (A is for always keeping it real), while For the Gram sees David celebrate his selfie skills, unabashedly chronicling how he tailors his life around social media. The way he sings about sex – in a kindly but fanatical way – has also remained largely the same over the years: here he continues to pen paeans to the ladies in his life, whether paying tribute to a dominant woman on Brand New or describing the perks of a long-term relationship on Going On.

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