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From periods to pregnancy – the sexual health crisis for Calais refugees

Female volunteers for Gynaecology Without Borders are providing urgent care for women in need

‘Dilva, 25, is seven months pregnant. Her blood group is Rh(D)- but her foetus’ is Rh(D)+. Her antibodies are attacking her foetus’ red blood cells. The baby has severe anaemia,” Edwige Prel is briefing her colleague Yohanna Depierre, who is driving an ambulance down the motorway to Grande-Synthe, a commune in the third-largest suburb of Dunkirk, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France.

Prel and Depierre are both midwives who have given up 14 days of annual leave to volunteer for Gynaecology Without Borders (known as Gynécologie Sans Frontières, GSF). Founded in 1995, the French non-profit organisation provides emergency medical aid to women affected by conflict, epidemics and natural disasters. GSF’s midwives and gynaecologists have worked on missions across the world, from Afghanistan and Bangladesh to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and, since 2015, in the Pas-de-Calais, France.

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Birth control app reported to Swedish officials after 37 unwanted pregnancies

Users of Natural Cycles, first app certified as contraceptive method in Europe, identified among people seeking abortions at hospital

A much-hyped birth control app has been reported to Swedish authorities after a hospital found 37 cases of unwanted pregnancies among women relying on the app for contraception.

Natural Cycles, a smartphone application that marries hi-tech algorithms with the old-fashioned rhythm method, last year became the first app to be certified as a contraceptive method in Europe. The app requires women to input their temperature every morning, then calculates the users’ menstrual cycle and informs them when they can have sex without protection.

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