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Can stars like LeBron James save college basketball from corruption?

The college game is mired in scandal and it may take pressure from superstars in the NBA to fix deep-rooted problems

Nobody is stepping up to fix college sports, so if LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony truly believe the NCAA is corrupt they are the ones who will have to change it.

The power to alter the American college basketball system with its exploited players and multimillion dollar coaches lies in the hands of the NBA’s biggest names. They can demand an end to the ridiculous one-and-done stipulation that requires a top prospect to wait one season after high school to enter the NBA Draft. They can build a clause into their union’s contract with the NBA that allows kids to come straight into the league the way James and Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett once did. 

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LeBron James unsurprised by illegal payment claims around 'corrupt' NCAA

  • Cleveland Cavaliers star chose to skip college for NBA
  • Says colleges benefit more from players from amateur system

As college basketball finds itself mired in scandal, with allegations of illegal payments to student athletes flying around, one man who famously skipped the collegiate system has had his say.

LeBron James opted to go straight to the NBA after high school and said he wasn’t surprised to hear of the claims and had withering words for college sports’ governing body, the NCAA. “Kids getting paid is nothing new under the sun,” the three-time NBA champion told ESPN. “The NCAA is corrupt, we know that. Sorry, it’s going to make headlines, but it’s corrupt.”

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