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Furious Florida survivors assail NRA and politicians and urge action on guns

  • Marco Rubio and NRA’s Dana Loesch grilled over gun control
  • Raw emotion and tough questions at extraordinary CNN debate

Faced with a furious crowd of Florida students demanding a renewed ban on assault weapons, Republican senator Marco Rubio offered one concession after another.

He said he supported legislation to raise the legal age to purchase a rifle to 21 from 18. He said he supported a law to create gun violence restraining orders, which would give family members and law enforcement a way to petition a court to take away a dangerous person’s guns. He said he opposed Donald Trump’s proposal to prevent school shootings by arming teachers or putting more armed security in classrooms.

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A man wanted to 'gun down' CNN. Would Trump have been to blame? | Lucia Graves

The president has repeatedly attacked the media, singling out CNN for its supposed ‘fake news’ coverage. Might that be inspiring violence?

On Christmas Eve, Donald Trump retweeted a doctored image of himself smiling on the phone with a bloodlike splatter on the underside of his shoe. Upon close inspection, the splatter revealed itself to be the CNN logo.

The following month, CNN headquarters received nearly two dozen threatening phone calls that began with talk of “fake news” and ended in threats of mass violence, according to federal documents.

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