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Facebook is coding a whole new class system | Arwa Mahdawi

Forget income – the new class signifiers are internet-connected devices and home ownership, according to the social network

If you do your shopping on Ocado and have a penchant for avocados, you’re probably fairly posh, right? In the worst-case scenario, you’re at least moderately middle-class, surely? Once upon a time, that was almost certainly true, but I’m afraid I’m here to burst your Boden-lined bubble and tell you that everything you know about class is outdated and irrelevant. Facebook is coding a whole new class system and, well, you’re going to have to adjust your self-worth and position on the social ladder accordingly.

It has recently been reported that Facebook has patented technology that uses artificial intelligence to determine its users’ social class without relying on anything as vulgar as their income. That Facebook is analysing its users’ data in nefarious ways is hardly news; it’s the company’s business model. However, this latest development is noteworthy for a couple of reasons.

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