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Ridley Scott on erasing Kevin Spacey from his new film: ‘He’s a very good actor. It’s a pity’

All the Money in the World was in the can and ‘kind of perfect’ when its star became toxic. The director wasted no time recasting the role, but not necessarily for moral reasons …

Ridley Scott makes a long, pained sound when I ask how he received the news four months ago that Kevin Spacey had become radioactive just as their film, All the Money in the World, was gearing up for release. “Eeeeeeeh,” the director sighs at the memory. “You get that nasty, deep, gut feeling: oh shit.”

It was late October when allegations of sexual misconduct started flying around, sending the Oscar-winning actor into disgrace and planting a big question mark over Scott’s $40m thriller about the 1973 kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Spacey, wearing facial prosthetic makeup, played Grandpa Getty, the octogenarian tycoon who refused to pay a ransom for his grandson.

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