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Mad women: how angry sisterhood is taking over the small screen

In a string of new and returning shows, from Jessica Jones to UnReal, female characters are slowly disassembling the patriarchy with righteous fury

At the start of the new drama Good Girls, we see an adorable little girl scream “we need to burn this patriarchy down!” and soon after we are introduced to three very different women, all angry at various types of injustice: a philandering husband, a very sick daughter, a sexually harassing and abusive boss. In the world of Good Girls, empowerment is not only about standing up for yourself, but also about standing with the sisterhood. In one scene, Beth (played by Christina Hendricks) gives her husband’s mistress a tongue lashing, but then also gives her money, saying: “We both deserve more than a liar in a pig suit.” In another, Beth hears the attempted rape of her sister by her corrupt former manager and comes at him with a toy gun. When he calls her bluff, she hits him on the head with a whisky bottle.

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