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Beyond retro: 80s-obsessed producers are taking Rihanna back in time

Remixers like Initial Talk and Tronicbox are revitalising modern pop hits with a vintage makeover

With its booming synth line, machine drums and cooing chorus, Into You sounds like your average sugary 80s pop hit. Its YouTube video boasts a mulleted female singer, too, and comments from people who remember its release (“This song inspired Madonna’s Like a Virgin intro. She revealed it in an interview to Oprah,” says one; “This brings me back to 83 where I had my first kiss behind the school’s football field,” offers another). This would all be pretty pedestrian stuff for the internet, if it wasn’t for the fact that Into You didn’t come out in the 80s at all, and all of the people commenting know that full well.

Rather, it is a remix crafted to sound like a forgotten hit, and was created by Canadian producer Tronicbox from Ariana Grande’s 2016 hit of the same name. It’s just one of a proliferation of 80s “throwbacks” (fauxbacks?), which includes a remix of Dua Lipa’s New Rules by Japanese producer Initial Talk that was given an official release by the artist at the end of last year (3m Spotify streams and counting).

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