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The Empire Strips Back: how a Star Wars parody took the burlesque world by storm

Luke Skywalker twerks to Nicki Minaj. A dominatrix Darth Vader struts her stuff. Film fans are packing out performances of a show that combines cosplay with comedy

Lights flash like laser beams. AC/DC’s Highway to Hell booms so loudly that the chairs in the theatre seems to move in time to the music. Onstage, a female Boba Fett performs a strip routine with actual flames. A female Luke Skywalker enters, bends over seductively and twerks along to a Nicki Minaj song as she scrubs her Landspeeder.

The crowd – a mix of couples, tie-loosened workmates, tipsy sci-fi hobbyists and burlesque aficionados – have gathered for a single, united goal: to watch their favourite Star Wars characters drop trou, don nipple tassels and swing lightsabers to a selection of pop hits and film-score highlights.

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