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Brett Anderson Q&A: ‘I always wanted to make my own tribe’

The Suede frontman on fatherhood, his new memoir, and being part of ‘the longest overnight sensation ever’

• Read an extract from Brett Anderson’s Coal Black Mornings
• Listen to Brett Anderson reading an extract from the audiobook of Coal Black Mornings

Brett Anderson, 50, is the lead singer of Suede. He formed the band with Mat Osman and Justine Frischmann in 1989, and they were joined soon after by guitarist Bernard Butler. They had their first hit in 1993 with Animal Nitrate. The band’s sound – sleazy, sweeping, darkly romantic – was immensely influential, along with Anderson’s outsider lyrics, and was credited with starting Britpop, though Anderson always distanced himself from it. The band went on to make five albums, three of them reaching No 1, before splitting in 2003. Anderson continued to write and perform, sometimes with others (Butler, Stina Nordenstam), sometimes solo. Suede reformed in 2010 and have since made two successful albums. He is married with a son and stepson.

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