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Turnbull refuses to condemn or support Dutton's comments on South African farmers

Prime minister praises Australia’s ‘non-discriminatory’ refugee policies when asked if he supports minister’s position

Malcolm Turnbull has defended Australia’s refugee policies, describing them as “non-discriminatory”, but pointedly refused to condemn or back comments by the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, that white South African farmers could receive “special attention” from Australia.

Commenting on a documentary about violent rural crime in South Africa, Dutton said farmers deserved “special attention” and should receive fast-tracked humanitarian visas from a “civilised country”.

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Turnbull bans ministers from sexual relations with staff after Joyce's 'shocking error' – politics live

Prime minister announces changes to ministerial standards and says Barnaby Joyce has inflicted ‘terrible hurt and humiliation’ on his wife, children and new partner. Follow developments live

7.27am GMT

Cathy McGowan, who last week suggested a #bonkban might be needed for parliament house, has put out a statement following the prime minister’s edict:

Indi MP Cathy McGowan says a code of conduct for everyone working at Parliament could still be required #auspol

7.20am GMT

Mark Dreyfus is on ABC radio continuing the prosecution of Barnaby Joyce for “misleading” parliament.

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