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Toto Wolff defends putting Mercedes’ interests ahead of F1 competition

• Team director rejects Ecclestone’s claim on lack of close racing
• Claire Williams pledges support for financial balance

Toto Wolff has defended the Mercedes team’s recent dominance in Formula One as fulfilling his commitment to Mercedes and its personnel. The executive director insisted the team’s decision, criticised recently by Bernie Ecclestone, not to supply their rivals Red Bull with engines in 2015 had been correct. He sympathised with fans who wanted to see greater competition but stressed that his role was to look to the fortunes of Mercedes first.

Wolff was speaking on day two of the first test in Barcelona, where Mercedes are preparing to defend the drivers’ and constructors’ titles they have won for the past four seasons. Should they do so they will equal Ferrari’s record of taking the double five consecutive times, achieved with Michael Schumacher between 2000 and 2004.

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Bernie Ecclestone urges Formula One to make bold switch to electric cars

• Former F1 chief executive urges new owners to make bold changes
• ‘Liberty would need the balls to do it. I think they will have to do it’

The former chief executive of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone has said he believes the sport needs to make a radical break with the past and embrace an all-electric-powered future. He has suggested F1 should make some fundamental changes, including no longer paying the teams for taking part. Ecclestone also warned that Ferrari’s threats to leave the sport should be taken seriously.

“We still own the name Formula One, we still have contracts with promoters, let’s make different types of cars, let’s speak to the manufacturers and start a new all-electric F1, a Formula One for the future,” he said.

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