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Netanyahu says police report on fraud claims 'like Swiss cheese'

Israeli prime minister defiant in face of possible indictment, but opposition says his time is up

Benjamin Netanyahu has described a police report on allegations of bribery and fraud against him as “full of holes, like Swiss cheese”, as he fights for his political life.

Following a 14-month investigation into two cases of alleged corruption, police recommended on Tuesday evening that the Israeli prime minister be indicted on charges of bribery and breach of trust.

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Mike Pence arrives in Israel after tense meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan

  • Abdullah appeals for effort to ‘rebuild trust and confidence’
  • Pence is first senior US visitor to region since Jerusalem move

Vice-President Mike Pence began a visit to Israel on Sunday, after a tense meeting in Jordan in which King Abdullah appealed for an effort to “rebuild trust and confidence” shattered by US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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Netanyahu son bragged about gas deal outside strip club, tape reveals

While on tour of clubs with minder in tow, Yair Netanyahu is heard telling friend: ‘My dad made an awesome deal for your dad’

Lawyers for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanayhu, tried to stop the broadcast of an embarrassing audiotape in which Netanyahu’s son Yair suggested his father helped push through a $20bn deal to the benefit of a gas tycoon.

The recording of the conversation, which took place outside a strip club, is the latest revelation to cast light on the Netanyahu family’s relationships with wealthy tycoons, which have so far spawned two corruption investigations into the prime minister’s activities.

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