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Victorian police assistant commissioner quits over racist online posts

Brett Guerin, who was also the boss of ethical standards body, made ‘crude and coarse’ remarks about former colleagues

The head of Victoria police’s ethical standards body has resigned after being linked to racist YouTube comments and making inappropriate remarks about former colleagues.

The Professional Standards Command boss, Brett Guerin, who was also assistant police commissioner, was last week stood down and referred to the state’s anti-corruption commission for making “crude and coarse” comments online about people including the former police commissioner Christine Nixon.

Guerin resigned from the force on Monday night after Fairfax Media reported he also made racist comments on YouTube under the alias “Vernon Demerest”, a character from the 1970 film Airport.

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New Year’s Eve: police block roads in Australian cities as revellers gather for fireworks

Security tightened in Melbourne and Sydney, where display expected to celebrate marriage equality

Police tightened security measures before the New Year’s Eve fireworks, which were expected to be watched by more than 1 million people from vantage points around Sydney harbour and by more than 500,000 in Melbourne’s central business district.

The Sydney lord mayor, Cloover Moore, said revellers who had been staking out positions all day to watch Sydney’s fireworks could expect a “fabulous and safe” display. She said the City of Sydney council had worked closely with New South Wales police to make sure the $7m show was a success.

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