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Winter Olympics 2018: curling and biathlon on day 13 in Pyeongchang – live!

1.10pm GMT

In the other semi-final, for the first time, daylight: USA steal two in the eighth end and lead 4-2!

1.06pm GMT

Sweden qualify for the men’s curling gold medal match! At the end of the eighth end, with the Swedes holding a 9-3 lead, Switzerland accept the inevitable. They will have a chance of bronze, but still don’t know who they’ll be facing.

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Winter Olympics 2018: day eight from Pyeongchang – live!

5.53am GMT

I neglected to point out that Izzy’s win is GB’s first ever skiing medal at a Winter Olympics.

5.51am GMT

Britain’s Izzy Atkin has won bronze in the women’s ski slopestyle. A full report will follow as soon as we can get it. Well done Izzy.

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Winter Olympics 2018: day seven from Pyeongchang – live!

1.35pm GMT

“Just a shout out for curling,” emails Andrew Benton. “It’s the best winter sport. Strategic, but at appropriate moments, exciting. And as it’s not based on physical strength, its suitable for everyone – lets do away with men’s and women’s teams, and have just teams. Many cheers for curling.”

I quite enjoy it too, but – and I feel a fool for saying this – am unsure it has the variety to go on for as long as it does, or could use an extra variable, I’m not sure what.

1.31pm GMT

Sweden roll it in, and that’s 8-6 to them with end to play.

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Leeds taught harsh lesson by Melbourne in 38-4 World Club Challenge defeat

• Super League champions well beaten in Melbourne
• Cameron Smith and Billy Slater imperious for NRL champions

Gary Hetherington had underlined the scale of the task facing Leeds in the World Club Challenge by saying victory over the all-conquering Melbourne in their own back yard would be the Rhinos’ greatest accomplishment.

In the event the chief executive’s hopes came to nothing as Leeds were given the lesson many feared but the Super League champions had nothing to be ashamed of after losing 38-4.

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Australia make 245 to beat New Zealand in record-breaking T20 chase

• Tri-Series T20 in Auckland produces 32 sixes and 488 runs
• New Zealand will meet England for a place in Tri-Series final

Australia chased down a record 244 to beat New Zealand by five wickets in Auckland, reaching their target with seven balls to spare.

The T20 Tri-Series match produced 32 sixes and a total of 488 runs for the loss of 11 wickets. Australia had already reached the final; their opponents will be decided on Wednesday when New Zealand play England, also in Auckland.

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Winter Olympics 2018: day six from Pyeongchang – live!

7.33am GMT

We’re going into the final end of the men’s curling round robin session 3: let’s see where we’re up to.

USA v Italy stands at 9-9.

7.30am GMT

I mean, fair enough. It’s pretty tiring just watching them.

These cross-country skiers collapsing with exhaustion once over the finish line! #PyeongChang2018

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From dear leader to cheerleader: Kim Jong-un impersonator causes stir at Olympics

  • Man identifies himself as Howard from Australia
  • ‘I was born with this face, I’ve got to live with it,’ he says

A group of North Korean cheerleaders were briefly wowed by the apparent, sudden arrival of their leader, Kim Jong-un, at a Winter Olympics ice hockey game on Wednesday.

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Winter Olympics 2018: day five from Pyeongchang – live!

11.40am GMT

As trailed earlier the quite, quite mad doubles luge is underway, nine pairs having slid so far in the first run (the second starts at 12.30 GMT). Germany – both, delightfully, called Tobias…Tobiai – are currently in the lead. No Brits in this one, parochialism fans.

11.35am GMT

The Brits have one back – the last stone seals that end, so the score now stands at 2-1 to Canada.

Underrated aspect of curling: when they sweep – more furiously than anyone has ever done anything ever – to make an *opponent’s* stone move even further away after they’ve knocked it. THE DARK ARTS

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Winter Olympics: gold medals for Chloe Kim and Marcel Hirscher – live!

7.12am GMT

The North Korean leader is having a little joke about the weather at the Games, my colleague Benjamin Haas reports from Pyeongchang. Given it makes a change from threats of nuclear war, we’ll go along with it.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has praised the “warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue” after a delegation returned from their three-day visit to the South for the Winter Olympics.

Kim expressed “satisfaction” over their visit, according to state media, and gave his gratitude for “sincere” and “very impressive” efforts made by Seoul to receive them.

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7.01am GMT

And here’s your need-to-know on that victory in the men’s Alpine combined, courtesy of AP:

Marcel Hirscher of Austria has won the men’s Alpine combined event, the first career Olympic gold medal for one of skiing’s greats.

Hirscher used his elite skills in the slalom leg to rise from 12th place after the opening run of downhill.

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'Nobody forced you to go down': FIS responds to riders' concern over high winds

  • Gusty conditions blighted women’s slopestyle
  • Several riders expressed anger at decision to hold event

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has dismissed the concerns of snowboarders who complained about treacherous conditions at the women’s slopestyle by telling them that “nobody was forced to go down and compete”.

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