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We knew the snow was coming – so why is the UK so unprepared? | Eve Livingston

The chaos wrought by the ‘beast from the east’ wasn’t entirely preventable, but shows how much local issues get neglected

Love snow or loathe it, you’d be hard pushed to find many UK residents this week who haven’t found themselves impacted in some way by what are predicted to be the country’s worst blizzards since 1962. Few parts of the country have been unaffected: in central Scotland, an unprecedented red weather warning saw motorists on the M80 trapped in their vehicles overnight. Weather conditions in Lincolnshire and Cambridge led to fatal car accidents. More than 330 schools were closed in Kent alone.

If cold weather is predictable in the British winter, our grumbling reaction to it is even more so. As transport infrastructure and large parts of the public and private sectors grind to a halt, comparisons to the likes of New York, Canada and Scandinavia begin. Why is a country known for its cold weather so unprepared for snow? If these places can carry on as usual through extreme blizzards, why can’t we?

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