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‘I have a post-9/11 mentality’: creating art while Muslim in Australia

In a visceral new exhibition at the Adelaide festival, 11 multidisciplinary artists reflect on racism, representation and spiritual epiphanies

Light flashes upon 11 television screens the refugee artist and former hip-hop performer Khaled Sabsabi has arrayed in a circle on the floor. The formula for calculating the speed of light is printed nearby in five languages, including Arabic and English, acknowledging that diverging cultures share energy, space and time. If we could enter unseen realms, his work suggests, perhaps we could interact with angels.

Sabsabi’s works are showing at Adelaide’s ACE Open gallery along with 10 other Muslim artists, part of the Australian Muslim artist collective Eleven, that the Tripoli-born, Sydney-based Sabsabi initiated in 2016, inspired by the Indigenous Australian artist collective proppaNOW.

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