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From Hidden to In the Mood for Love: why the 2000s are my favourite film decade | Peter Bradshaw

Featuring Coen brothers masterpieces and an astonishing run by Michael Haneke, this was the decade in which film rediscovered its history – and explored its future – thanks to digital technology

For the next fortnight, Guardian film writers will present personal guides to their favourite decade in the movies – subjective and of course arbitrarily conceived eras which, like much criticism, tell you as much about the author as the topic. I have chosen the noughties, the era in which I first started writing about cinema for a living.

Breaking down film history into decades is seductive, if reductive. The 1920s, the silents; the 30s, the talkies and growth of studio pictures, the Hollywood golden age and the Hays code morality; the 40s, the postwar age and the growth of noir; the 50s, the response to TV and the new epics and spectaculars; the 60s, the European new waves, the new independent and underground cinema; the 70s, the decline of the studio system, America’s own auteurist new wave and the arrival of George Lucas; the 80s, the blockbusters, the explosion of VHS and the coming of the franchise movie – III, IV etc; the 90s, the glossy new indie-mainstream films, the rise of Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax and Tarantino, and then the digital and web explosions of the new century …

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